Georgia real estate disclosure laws in 2017

Q: Without running water can you occupy a rental property in the state of Georgia?

Lawyer Solution Brian Lehman

A: If the house is uninhabitable, the owner isn’t allowed to lease it. Lack of running water causes it to be uninhabitable. Here is the Georgia Landlord-Tenant handbook:

Q: We have been married now and are eligibleFor housing, what do we need to show with this?

It states we can terminate if we become entitled to home (military service members)
Lawyer Solution Patrick Korody

A: This is really a state law question – you should go see the base legal assistance office or the base housing office. Generally, you are in need of a letter on official letter head which matches the demands of state law.

Q: I sold a rental property. When does the new owner take duties for the lease with the tenant?

In October of 2012, a fresh tenant moved into the home and that I put the house under contract. I closed on the house on November 1, 2012. The tenant moved out in November of 2014. Now the renter is attempting to get me to refund the Deposit (plus another $1,800). I do have a record of receiving the down payment along with a deposit transfer wasn’t recorded on the close statement. At what point am I responsible for the lease? Best regards, Dennis
Lawyer Solution Robert Jason De Groot

A: When the brand new owner would take over, generally, at closing is.

Q: Can a property with a thin be transferred to surviving family member from descendent’s estate?

My husband’s dad dies. The “will” leaves everything to his stepmother. She’s now said he can possess a secondary property that was his father’s, but it’s a k that was slender of $50. Does my husband have to get a fresh loan with down payment and closing prices and all, or can there be a way for her to transfer everything and the lean ? We are getting conflicting responses, and having problem finding this particular info online.
Lawyer Answer Terrence H Thorgaard

A: In the event the probate court finds the will to be valid as well as the property is distributed to the stepmother, she can convey it to your husband matter to the lien. Whoever owns the lien might be capable of foreclose the lien, in which case he would need to either loose the property or pay it away.

Q: What is the difference between a Deed and also a Title to a property?

Lawyer Solution Ben F Meek III

A: A Title is a record that reveals the grant of particular rights in and to the identified property and is a kind of evidence or muniment of title. “Title” is the bundle of rights a lot of people think of as ownership. The deed to your home should reflect the nature of your title (ownership rights) such as, fee simple, a duration of years, a life estate, a leasehold, etc. Fee simple means roughly outright or possession that is whole. The title may also represent co- ownership as well as the specific form of co-ownership, like a cotenancy, tenancy by the entirety (in some states), or joint tenancy with right of survivorship. Trust it will help.

Commercial real estate lawyer

Q: can I sue my neighbor for lying down in middle of road and also for throwing rubbish in my own garbage can multiple times?

Attorney Response Adam Studnicki

A: Throwing waste might be a crime and there could be civil remedies at the same time. I do not practice in Georgia, so please check with a local attorney. Please Take Notice: I will be not your lawyer unless we enter into an engagement agreement in writing. This can be general information that is certainly given for legal education only. It really is not legal counsel, and it may not work for your particular scenario. It’s impossible to evaluate a difficulty that is legal without a comprehensive consultation and review of each of the pertinent facts and records. I strongly encourage you to talk to a local lawyer to get legal counsel and help at your earliest convenience with your specific scenario. I am licensed to practice law in Arizona.

Q: How can I get my company (S Corp) to buy my dwelling, in Macon, GA, or is a simple transfer possible?

Attorney Response Robert Jason De Groot

A: It’s my opinion which you need a lawyer for every real estate transaction.

Q: A tenant’s washing machine flooded the unit – is the Renter accountable for paying for the cleaning/repairs?

The Renter had believed she turned it on, had repaired her malfunctioning washing machine and left for many hours. The machine flooded the finished basement area, including 3 rooms, carpeting, padding, floorboards etc….water extraction, carpet pad replacing, floorboard removal, dryout and replacing was needed. Tenant maintains she is not liable for the repair invoice. I believe that she is responsible since this was her washing machine, not provided by the owner. Please guide who’s right. The lease states renter as responsible for damages beyond normal wear and tear of a house. This is in Atlanta, GA. Thank you
Lawyer Answer Paula J. Mcgill

A: It was her washing machine and if you are the landlord, you’ve got strong case to sue her for damages as an effect of her malfunctioning equipment. She should have renter’s insurance. This really is why many leases require tenants to get insurance for issues like this.

Q: I have a tenant breaking a lease 4 months to obtain a home. What can the tenant fiscally be held liable for?

I do not have one month notice in the lease. Could I hold him liable during the duration of his lease in the event the property cannot be rented by the time he moves out?
Lawyer Answer Paula J. Mcgill

A: You can sue for the balance of the lease, when there’s not an early termination provision in the lease. Just make sure when he turns in the keys he comprehends that you will be taking the keys to secure the house, not as acceptance of his early conclusion.


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